St George Benevolent fund


The Saint George Benevolent Fund was formed out of the Coptic Orthodox Church Centre, under the auspices of HG Bishop Angaelos, and endeavours to help our poor and underprivileged brothers and sisters. A group of our servants made a first visit to some of the poorest villages in Upper Egypt in August 2008 including Menia and Malawi. The poverty of people in these areas inspired us to form this ministry to try, with your help and prayers, to make a difference.

Our aims

To help our brothers and sisters who are in need to reach an acceptable human level of existence by:
a)  providing for their daily living, health, medical and educational needs through financial assistance.
b)  providing long-term, sustainable means of provision by establishing programmes for skills and vocational training
c)  visiting with on-the-ground field trips.

To provide an example for and teach our children today, and the coming generations, the beauty and necessity of giving and sharing in the sufferings of others who are underprivileged, allowing them to have at least a small portion of what we take for granted every day.

Our Mission Partners

Our Mission Partners (MPs) are groups or organisations that we work with, and through, in Egypt, Sudan and other places.  These MPs have the very important role of preparing the work on the ground for us through their own local networks and servants, and advising us according to their local knowledge and expertise. We hope to be working with a variety of such MPs over time.

We would like to provide support for, and work on the ground with, our MPs in a variety of ways:

– Praying for the service to thrive for the glory of God and the practical assistance of those whom we can to serve.
– Providing sponsors for needy individuals and families
Following up the regional work that is sponsored by our members
– Helping raise funds
– Raising awareness in our churches and community in the United Kingdom of the poverty situation in Egypt and Sudan.
– Having a dedicated team of servants to assess medical reports and cases referred to us.
– Travelling to share in the work of our MPs, both to practically assist and ensure that our contribution is clearly reaching the people in need.

Our finances

A separate bank account has been established, totally dedicated to the service of the needy.

– Every penny we collect has been, and will continue to be, sent to those in need.
– Any donations made to SGBF will be spent exactly as donors direct them.
– The money collected will be sent directly and in full to help the needy.
– Any and all travel expenses are to be paid in full by the servants and are not covered by SGBF.
– Any and all administrative expenses will be covered by The Coptic Orthodox Church Centre or individual sponsors, and not by SGBF.

If you would like to contribute to our ongoing work and make a donation, our bank details are:

St. George Benevolent Fund
Bank: Natwest
Branch: Stevenage Old Town
Sort Code: 60-20-26
Account No.: 39051315