London Ministry Group

The London Ministry Group (LMG), under the care of Archbishop Angaelos of London, is comprised of four dynamic ministries that serve London in a variety of ways; including a bi-weekly graduate fellowship meeting, a monthly outreach service, a bi-weekly ministry targeted at University students, and a weekly homeless mission. Please visit our LMG website: and @ServingLondon on Twitter.

The Four London ministries are as follows:

The Grapevine Fellowship Meeting was established to address the question of how to apply Christianity in everyday life. It was established by a dynamic group to be a straight-to-the-point meeting for those who are busy working or studying. With a spiritual view, the meeting aims to present topics and issues that affect the lives of individuals. The location of St Pancras Church in Euston was especially selected for the Grapevine meeting as it is easily accessible from both the business district as well as several university campuses. The meeting takes place once every two weeks on a Wednesday.

Fellowship of Coptic Christian University Students (FOCCUS) was established in 2000 to cater for an increasing number of Coptic Orthodox youth studying at various university and higher education institutions.

The FOCCUS societies are designed to operate on university campuses as an embodiment of ‘taking the Church to the people’ in their natural environment, while at the same time being a part of the university student union. The students themselves run the FOCCUS societies under a general co-ordinator, and the overall supervision and guidance of their Patron. FOCCUS aims to:

  1. Serve all Coptic Orthodox students on campus,
  2. Serve other Coptic Orthodox youth in the area of the university or campus,
  3. Provide an opportunity for other university students to encounter Christianity through this ministry.

Coptic City Mission
is an initiative established in 2001 that applies fundamental Christian principles in an effort to help the needy in London.

The City Mission team goes into the streets of London on a weekly basis to provide food for the homeless. Team members carry out all the steps of the service: from buying food, to preparing meals, packing bags, printing spiritual material, and actually meeting the homeless (under the close supervision of the project co-ordinator and servants). A key part of the ministry is providing a spiritual message and prayer through the singing of contemporary worship songs which are led by the servants, who are joined by many of those being served. The Mission is a vehicle by which young Copts can serve in the general community, while at the same time receive the great blessing of this work.

St Paul Ministry, established in 2011, is founded on a novel and fresh approach to fellowship, with the aim of encountering Christ through the life and practice of the Coptic Orthodox Church, the Christian Church of Egypt. This ministry aims to make the ancient apostolic Faith practical, reachable and tangible within a western context. The goal of the ministry is to enable the enrichment of lives through fellowship of the Church, the manifest Body of Christ.

St Paul Ministry is built on the simple model of the Early Church as outlined in Acts 2:42-44 “And they continued steadfastly in the apostles’ doctrine and fellowship, in the breaking of bread, and in prayers. Then fear came upon every soul, and many wonders and signs were done through the apostles. Now all who believed were together, and had all things in common.” The ministry aims to create a sense of community and fellowship by which members can develop, strengthen or even re-establish a relationship with God through the Coptic Orthodox Church, one of the most ancient and apostolic Christian Churches that continues to develop dynamically to meet contemporary pastoral needs.

In line with Acts 2:42, the St Paul Ministry aims to achieve this by:

  1. Providing opportunities for greater knowledge and understanding of the Scriptures and teachings of the Fathers.
  2. Creating a safe and familiar space for interaction with like-minded people along their spiritual journey.
  3. Making manifest the Faith and practice of the Church through its Sacraments.
  4. Having a time of focused collective prayer and worship.

Among its’ specific functions, St Paul Ministry will have a programme of:

  • Producing specific materials in order to assist those exploring, discovering or re-establishing a relationship with God, or those merely questioning.
  • Working with parishes to receive those for whom this ministry may become a bridge, in order to enable a smooth transition.

The St Paul Ministry is a natural extension of the Grapevine Fellowship and Coptic City Mission ministries and thus provides an opportunity for those who feel a calling to serve the wider community.

Monthly services are held in the iconic St Mary-le-Bow church in London, and more information can be found via

Please visit