Orthodox Churches

Council of the Oriental Orthodox Churches in the United Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland (COOC)

The Council aims to facilitate a common witness of the Christian Faith by its member Churches within their Orthodox Apostolic Tradition. Archbishop Angaelos of London is the current Chair.

The aim of COOC is to help the various Oriental Orthodox Churches and their communities support each other, and produce a common response to many of the issues which face them in the United Kingdom. The Council organises an annual Oriental Orthodox Liturgy and Festival, which is held in a variety of locations and which draws together clergy and laity in a common celebration of their Orthodox Faith. The Council has also launched a dedicated website to provide a variety of information and resources for and about its’ member Churches.

Member Churches (Alphabetically):

  • Armenian Orthodox Church
  • Coptic Orthodox Church
  • Eritrean Orthodox Church
  • Ethiopian Orthodox Church
  • Indian Orthodox Church
  • Syrian Orthodox Church (Incorporating the Malankra Syrian Orthodox Church)

Archbishop Angaelos became the Council’s first elected president in 2006 and, after being re-elected, is currently serving his second term.

Website: www.OrientalCouncilUK.org