Diocesan Bible Study

Grace and peace to you from our Lord Jesus Christ.

Our focus as a Diocese in 2023 will be on ‘A Year of Welcome’, and at the beginning of this year, as parishes and as a Diocese, we are embarking together on a series of small shared Bible Studies.

Each month these Bible Studies will be made available here. They include a focused daily Bible verse from one of the Gospels (Saint Luke for the month of January). In addition, each daily reflection contains a saying from one of our Church Fathers, a series of questions to stimulate our thoughts and discussions, a sermon or two to listen to, and encouragement to lift our prayers for specific services and ministries offered by the diocese.

You can choose to do some or all of the days items, and feel encouraged that as a diocese we are all focusing on the same verses together.

Let us pray together as the Early Church did, with one spirit, one accord, and with unity of heart. (See Acts 2)

Wishing you a blessed month ahead.

January 2023 – Diocesan Bible Study – Koinonia- St Luke- 2023- Volume 1- Issue 1